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  • Currawong Olive Oil
  • Currawong Olive Oil
  • Currawong Olive Oil
  • Currawong Olive Oil
  • Currawong Olive Oil
  • Currawong Olive Oil

Currawong Olive Oil

Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Family owned business for South Australia
  • Oils are produced by using only the finest fruit from Southern Australia
  • Olive Oils are carefully bottled & packaged in a strictly control quality assured bottling plant
  • Oils are extracted without the use of chemicals or heat to maintain robust flavors and health benefits
  • Full of anti-oxidants
  • Available flavors: Chilli Infused, Truffle Infused, Lemon Agrumato, Garlic Infused, Robust Selection
  • 'Lemon Agrumato' - Australian Olive Association best flavored olive oil in 2017
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Why Choose Currawong Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“Currawong Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a South Australian story created by two friends one evening over a bottle of wine.”

Currawong was created in 2005 and is still a family owned brand. The Currawong range of extra virgin olive oils are produced using olives that are grown and harvested in Southern Australia - a region that is famed for its pristine environments, Mediterranean climate, and rich ochre soils. This is helps in producing the highest quality fruit to make the worlds finest olive oil.

Only the freshest olives from the best olive growers are selected, and these pressed within hours of their picking. The oil is extracted without the use of chemicals or excessive heat, ensuring that the distinctive flavor of the olives, and health properties such as anti-oxidants are maintained.

Currawong Extra Virgin Olive Oils are then carefully bottled and packaged in strictly controlled, quality assured bottling plant.

The Currawong Extra Virgin Olive Oil Range

  • The spicier Robust Selection is brilliant when paired with warmed vegetables, or risottos. Best used to finish off your favorite dish. Available in 500ml bottle.

  • Drizzle the Lemon Agrumato over fresh seafood or your favorite salads. This can also be used in baking or desserts. Awarded by the Australian Olive Association best flavored olive oil in 2017. Available in 250ml bottle.

  • Spice up your seafood, pasta or Asian dish with the Currawong Chilli olive oil. Made with real chili so a little bit goes a long way! Available in 250ml bottle.

  • Truffle Oil can be used to bring decadence to your mashes, fries or risotto. Available in 250ml bottle.

  • Save yourself some time in the kitchen by using the Currawong Garlic Infused olive oil in stir-fries and pasta dishes, or to create crunchy garlic bread. Made with real garlic to give you ll the flavor without the smell on your fingers! Available in 250ml bottle.

  • Robust Selection
    Robust Selection
  • Lemon Agrumato
    Lemon Agrumato
  • Chilli Infused
    Chilli Infused
  • Truffle Infused
    Truffle Infused
  • Garlic Infused
    Garlic Infused

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