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  • New Zealand Coastal Lamb
  • New Zealand Coastal Lamb
  • New Zealand Coastal Lamb
  • New Zealand Coastal Lamb

New Zealand Coastal Lamb

Premium French Racks

  • Raised on family farms on Turakina, New Zealand
  • Salt laden winds give Coastal Lamb it's famous mild and clean taste
  • Proudly endorsed by chefs worldwide from Michelin Star Chefs
  • Each French Trimmed rack serve 2 - 3 people
  • Racks are tightly vacuumed sealed to preserve freshness and flavor
  • Shipped frozen from Los Angeles

Why Choose Coastal Lamb

​“Naturally seasoned by the sea”

The crisp, lush pastures provide coastal lamb with the perfect conditions for grazing. This stunningly clean environment means Coastal Spring Lamb are able to produce quality lamb that is like no other.

Seventeen passionate family farmers spanning across multiple locations on New Zealand’s North Island come together to create multi-award winning Coastal Lamb. This region is famously known for it’s rugged landscapes and pure air. Far away from any pollutants, this area is the ideal place for sprawling farmlands. Not only do Coastal Lamb supply New Zealand customers, they are also popularly known worldwide. From esteemed Michelin Star Chefs, to home cooks who love premium lamb.

Coastal Lamb is as unique as it’s surroundings. With every bite, you know you are tasting New Zealand’s finest lamb.

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