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Shrimp & Scallop Bundle

Scallops & Tiger Shrimp


  • Delicacies from the Australian Ocean
  • 1 x U10 Tropic Co Prawns (4.4lb pack) - Frozen
  • 1 x 10-20pc/lb Far West Scallops (2.2lb pack) - Frozen
  • 1 x 250ml Currawong Lemon Agrumato Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Shrimp and Scallops are individually quick frozen
  • Shrimp are sustainably farmed in Queensland, Australia under strict bio-security measures to ensure the shrimp are disease free
  • Tiger Shrimp species: Penaeus Monodon
  • Scallops are sustainably wild caught from the clean waters of Shark Bay of the Abrolhos Islands & the South Coast of Western Australia
  • Shipped from Los Angeles
  • Free Delivery to majority of LA & OC areas - see shipping information below

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​All orders are sent from Los Angeles via FedEx overnight, FedEx Ground, or local delivery. For all Shipping & Delivery information click here

What's Included

Australian Tiger Shrimp

The best shrimp are found along the tropical coastline of Queensland and northern New South Wales, Australia. The warm, unpolluted waters and river inlets create the perfect farming conditions for Tropic Co Tiger Shrimp to thrive. With distinctive tiger stripes, Tropic Co Shrimp are firm and sweet. Perfect for any occasion, you’ll soon find any excuse will do.

Species: Penaues monodon

Far West Scallops

The epitome of elegance. Ballot’s Saucer Scallops are caught wild off the South Coast of Western Australia. With vast and unpolluted waters, these types of scallops are sweet and buttery. Perfectly white in color with just a hint of saltiness, Far West Scallops are a celebration of the Australian sea.

Species: Ylistrum balloti

Currawong Lemon Agrumato

The delicate balance of the mediterranean style olives and lemons brings freshness to your favorite seafood or salad. Or add a twist to your baking and desserts. Lemon Agrumato was awarded by the Australia Olive Assocation The Best Flavored Olive Oil in 2017.

How to Prepare Tropic Co Tiger Shrimp


1. Tropic Co shrimps have been individually snap frozen for your convenience. Remove desired amount of shrimp from packaging. Place frozen shrimp in an airtight container

2. Place in fridge and cover to defrost a day before intended use


1. If fresh or once defrosted: place peeled shrimp in an airtight container and store in the coldest part of the fridge

2. Once thawed, shrimp should not be refrozen as the quality deteriorates


1. Hold the body of the shrimp and carefully twist of the head. Peel under and away.

2. Grasp as many legs as you can between your thumb and index finger


1. Ensure shrimp have completely defrosted

2. Straighten shrimp and gently grasp the vein located on the back of the shrimp

3. Slowly pull the vein out

Want to Know More?

To find out more about Far West Scallops, click this link.

To find out more about Tropic Co Tiger Shrimp and their sustainable farming practices, click this link.

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