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Home Delivery

Online Orders can be purchased through Terra Mare Prime partner Browns TopShelf Meats - an online store owned by Mike Brown who has a passion for fine foods. Mike has had a long standing partnership with Terra Mare Prime, where his love for home cooking has evolved into something great; making premium food accessible to all aspiring home cooks.

Trusted by Terra Mare Prime and its customers, Browns TopShelf Meats offers only the best seafood and meat from reputable farms and sources. Enjoy brands loved by Terra Mare Prime such as award winning Kerwee Wagyu & Angus, Suzuki Farms Wagyu, Master Selection, Yarra Valley Caviar, KIN Southern Bluefin Tuna, Australian Southern Rocklobster, and New Zealand King Salmon just to name a few.

Choose from a range of different cuts of Wagyu and Angus - such as boneless or bone-in ribeyes, T-Bone steaks, to chuck short rib blocks. With products individually cut and sealed, it is the perfect way to enjoy great food at home.

If “you are what you eat”, then eat like a king with Brown’s TopShelf Meats.