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Product Specifications

Marble Score (BMS) Wagyu: Kiwami (8+), Kerwee Silver (6-7), Kerwee Red (4-5)
Angus: Average 3
Grades / Cuts Cube Roll (Rib Eye), Striploin (NY Strip Steak) & Tenderloin (Eye Fillet) and other primal cuts
cattle breed Wagyu F1 - F4; Full Blood Angus traceability Individual cartons can be traced back to cattle with complete life history
Processing Processed in a “HACCP” & AQIS EXPORT certified facility Season All year

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Winner of the World Steak Challenge 2019

Winner at the Triple Crown Steak Challenge 2019

Kerwee Wagyu & Angus Kerwee Wagyu & Angus

Why Choose Kerwee Wagyu

The Kerwee group is a vertically integrated family owned company and has complete control over their production systems, including:

Breeding / Genetics

Kerwee have implemented a continual improvement Wagyu breeding program using genetic selection to meet their desired Wagyu beef qualities of marbling, color, taste and tenderness. • 75% of Kerwee Wagyu cattle are pure wagyu (F4 or 93.75% Fullblood Wagyu content) or greater. The balance are F1 (50% Wagyu), F2 (75% Wagyu) or F3 (87.5% Wagyu).

Diet / Feeding Program

Kerwee engage specialist Japanese nutritionists to design a high-energy nutritious diet consisting of steam-flaked white grains (Barley and Wheat) to increase digestibility; roughage consisting of hay and straw, silage, brewers’ grain, Digestible Distillers Grain (DDG); blended vegetable oil; plant-based protein meal; molasses, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Kerwee feed ingredients are all GMO (Genetically Modified) Free and verified under our 3rd party audited Ausmeat Natural Program. Kerwee do not use “yellow grains” (Corn) because of the higher levels of vitamin A and Carotene. Vitamin A is an inhibitor to establish marbling in the muscle and carotene impacts on the quality and color of fat. Kerwee cattle are all HGP (Hormone Growth Promotant) Free. HGP’s negatively impact upon marbling and meat quality.

Grain feeding achieves consistent beef eating quality:

  • Those lipid cells in the muscle are filled which produces marbling.
  • Marbling ensures the meat is juicy and tender.
  • The grain ration Kerwee provides its cattle ensures a desirable flavor profile that can be experienced in every bite.

Kerwee implement a feeding program to ensure optimal growth, animal condition and health

Family and Farming Practices

Kerwee are family farmers with strong family values and customer centric focus embedded within our culture. Kerwee implement the world’s best farming practices to provide optimal care for our cattle, our environment, our people and community. Our state of the art feed-lot was designed by Temple Grandin and exceeds international animal welfare standards.

Processing & Grading System

Each carcass (average weight of 420kg / ~ 925lb) is graded using the rigorous Meat Standards Australia quality system (MSA Grade score is a composite of tenderness, juiciness and flavor) – the carcass standards include: marbling, weight, ph below 5.7, ossification (physiological maturity of cattle), carcass temperature, meat color and fat color.

Kerwee’s Story

Kerwee Wagyu & Angus

Established in 1965, Kerwee remains under family ownership and continues to be one of Australia’s most modern facilities. Ideally located in the quiet corner of Darling Downs in Queensland, Australia, the lush sloping pastures is the ideal environment for cattle. Kerwee combines the natural advantages of the area famously known for it’s endless supply of high-quality grain and water, with cutting-edge agriculture techniques to produce unparalleled steaks.

Australia’s most awarded grain fed Wagyu is produced by Stockyard Beef, specifically for the American market under the name ‘Kerwee’. The Meat Standards Australia quality systems ensures the level of tenderness, juiciness and flavor meet the high standards of Kerwee so that we can enjoy the finest steaks anywhere in the world.

Cattle welfare is at the forefront of what Kerwee believe in. Operating under strict animal welfare, including the National Feedlot Assurance Scheme (NFAS), cattle are free to enjoy the clean and stress-free environment, while maintaining the surrounding eco-system. The last 400 days is what makes Kerwee beef so sensational. During this time, cattle are fed premium Australian wheat and barley for a slower growth, giving each animal every chance to have a strong bone structure to support their body mass. High quality feeding practice means the muscle fibers are closer together, for more evenly distributed intra-muscular marbling. This is what gives Kerwee beef its signature richness and silky taste.

Kerwee Wagyu truly stands out from the rest.

Kerwee Wagyu and Angus Cattle’s Life Cycle

0 – 6 ~ 9 Months of Age

Raised on milk from their mother

9 ~ 18 Months of Age

Calves are weaned from their mother and placed into back grounding country where they grow on grass pastures. This enables the calves to grow their frame and muscles in a natural environment so that they can support the weight of their muscles and fat whilst they are in the feedlot.

12 ~ 14 Months of Age

This is a critical time in animal’s life as this is when the animal develops lipid (fat) cells within their muscles. It is important that the animal is on a raising plane of nutrition during this critical time. If they aren’t, for example because of drought, Kerwee will intervene and bring them into our feedlot earlier so that we can provide them with the required balance nutrition during this time.

15 ~ 18 Months of Age

Cattle are transported to the feedlot ranch where they spend approximately 30 days on pasture. This enables the cattle to recover from their journey and to socialize with other cattle that may have come from a different location. Cattle are social animals and therefore it is important that they are given an opportunity to sort out their social hierarchy before they are placed into the feedlot. Cattle are then placed into the feedlot where they receive a “starter” ration. This is a carefully planned process to transition the cattle from a grass diet to a grain diet by gradually decreasing the roughage component within the ration whilst increasing the proportion of grain. This generally takes approximately 21 days before the cattle are on a full ration. Our highly trained Stock Team and Feed Team closely watch cattle during this time.

The Cattle remain on a grain ration for a specified time. They are fed twice a day (morning and afternoon) and have access to clean drinking water (sourced from Australia’s great Artesian basin). Our Stock team walk through the cattle on horseback every day to check on their health and welfare. Any animals showing signs of illness are moved to our hospital pen where they are provide with extra care and attention.

22 ~ 24 Months of Age

Angus cattle will finish their time on feed (Minimum 200 days on grain)

30 ~ 33 Months of Age

Wagyu cattle will finish their time on feed (Minimum 400 days on grain)

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