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A Champion Rises from the Harshest Conditions

June 22, 2017

Battered by lashing 60 mph winds with shores worn rugged by the Great Southern Ocean, it’s no wonder that the extreme conditions of King Island have produced a champion cheese. A blue out of the blue.

King Island Dairy’s Roaring Forties Blue Cheese has been named Champion Blue Cheese at the 2017 Australian Grand Dairy awards thanks to it’s moist, crumbly texture and full bodied flavor with caramel and roasted pear notes.

The chalky looking yellow centre has sage green-yellow veins and emits a delightful tropical fruit aroma.

The quality of King Island cheese is directly related to the quality of milk produced by the cows on the island. Pristine ocean air and nutrient rich volcanic soil nurture the cows and as a result the milk they produce has the lowest somatic cell count in the world, a direct indicator of quality.

The milk is then made into cheese by Swiss-born, award-winning Head Cheesemaker Ueli Burger – his passion and experience showing in the end result.

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