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Pure Origins Honey

Australian Manuka & Raw Honey

  • High quality, premium and pure Australian honey
  • Manuka Honey has been used by Indigenous cultures as traditional medicine for many centuries for centuries
  • Pure Origins Raw Honey & Manuka Honey is 100% Pure Australian
  • Natural, raw, single region & cold extracted to retain all nutritional properties
  • Every batch of Pure Origins Manuka Honey is lab tested for MGO authenticity and rating
  • The honey has retained all of its crucial enzymes, anti-bacterial properties and nutritional value
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Pure Origins Manuka Honey

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey (Leptospermum) is produced by bees that tended to flowers of the Manuka plant (also known as tea tree) that grows in New Zealand and parts of Australia. Compared to other types of honey, Manuka honey has been shown to be more potent and health-boosting because of its higher methylglyoxal (MG) concentration. This particular compound helps contribute to Manuka honey’s benefits.

So what makes Manuka Honey special?

What sets Manuka honey apart from other honey varieties are its potent compounds that can help deal with infections and boost the body’s overall health. As mentioned above, Manuka honey has high methylglyoxal (MG) levels. This compound is also found in other types of honey, albeit in small amounts. In Manuka honey, MG develops after the conversion of dihydroxyacetone, a compound present in higher amounts in the nectar of Manuka flowers. A higher MG concentration can eventually lead to increased antibiotic capabilities.

(MGO) Methylglyoxal naturally forms in the nectar of the flowers of the Manuka Bush (Leptospermum), ready for collection by the honey-bee. Methylglyoxal is transferred into the honey where it remains stable. Dietary Methylglyoxal found in Manuka Honey is resistant to heat, light, body fluids and enzymatic activity. Making Manuka honey superior to any other honey because of the strong antibacterial and antiviral activity due to the presence of Methylglyoxal.

The higher the MGO rating the greater the antibacterial properties.

Every batch of Pure Origins Manuka is lab tested for MGO authenticity and rating.

The Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

Manuka honey may help soothe sore throats, protect your body against the common cold and assist in relieving sinus infections. It can also help treat eye, ear and sinus infections, and possibly even diabetes. Manuka honey’s antioxidant content may also provide protection against tissue damage by neutralizing free radicals.

Manuka honey may improve oral health by reducing oral pathogens found in plaque. It may also work wonders for the digestive system, as it may relieve bloating, mild digestive upsets, indigestion or gastric reflux, and may even help heal stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome.

Manuka honey may also be good for your skin. If you’re suffering from acne, Manuka honey may provide anti-inflammatory effects, and lessen irritation too. Some studies have also proven that Manuka honey may heal eczema-affected skin. Lastly, Manuka honey can also be helpful during a pregnancy, since it can:

  • Serve as a remedy for morning sickness or nausea
  • Help prevent sore throats
  • Lessen allergic reactions
  • Potential relieve heartburn, which is common during pregnancy

Why Choose Pure Origins Honey

In Nature We Trust”

Pure Origins

Pure Origins range of honey comes from some fo the most pure regions of Australia. The forests where the honey is produced contains some of the rarest flora and fauna in the world. Much of the areas where the honey is sourced has been proclaimed as the World Heritage Listed areas.

Unlike most others, Pure Origins honey is not heated above 25 degrees (77F) when extracted or packed - it is cold extracted. That means, it is packed at temperatures lower than the beehives itself. Although using this process takes longer to pour, it retains all of its crucial enzymes, anti-bacterial properties and nutritional value. Most commercial suppliers heat their honey to ensure they get an optimum level of fast pouring to save on packaging costs.

The Difference Australian Manuka and New Zealand Manuka

A study has found that Australian manuka honey is at least as medically powerful as New Zealand manuka honey. Research as the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, showed that more than 16% of Australian manuka honey tested were actually more potent than the New Zealand product. The study also shows that Australian honey produced by bees using the nectar from leptospermum, or manuka-type bushes can produce concentrations of methylglyoxal higher than two control samples of “hispital-grade” New Zealand manuka honey. It also shows a direct correlation between antibacterial activity and methylglyoxal levels and that these honeys can be stored for up to seven years without losing their efficacy.

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