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Yarra Valley Caviar

Premium Australian Yarra Valley Caviar

  • Product of the Yarra Valley region of rural Victoria, Australia
  • Fish are milked humanely, completely by hand
  • Free of any antibiotics or chemicals, without the use of any additives
  • Currently available - Smoked Salmon Caviar - 100g (3.5oz)
  • Triple smoked premium quality roe with mountain ash to produce bright, plump and flawless caviar
  • Humane treatment of fish, with a completely natural approach to rearing and roe extraction
  • Use fish feeding programs that reflect their natural growth patterns in the wild
  • Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP) certified and audited twice annually
  • A completely disease free environment

Yarra Valley Caviar's Story

Yarra Valley Caviar is an export approved boutique fresh water aquaculture farm located at the base of the Rubicon River in the Yarra Valley region of rural Victoria, Australia.

Yarra Valley Caviar is an industry leader in using a natural approach to rearing and roe extraction as it is their strong belief in human practices. The fish are carefully milked for roe by hand, using clove oil as a natural anesthetic. Afterwords, the fish are gently placed back into their ponds to spawn again the following year.

All of Yarra Valleys Caviar’s products are packaged on site, without the use of any additives. This results in a superior quality roe, only salted with premium salt to produce caviar that is bright, plump, and bursting with flavor. It’s no wonder Yarra Valley Caviar create award winning products around the world.

For delicious recipes ideas, head to the Yarra Valley Caviar website by clicking this link.


Yarra Valley Caviar is proud to use sustainable growing practices and ethical fish husbandry methods, and are Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP) certified; audited twice annually.

Why YVC is sustainable

1. Strictly chemical free farm.

2. A completely disease free environment.

3. A naturally gravity fed river flow through farm that ensures water is only borrowed temporarily from the river, then returned in a healthy acceptable state.

4. Insisting Fish are given plenty of space to move around freely and have a current to swim against.

5. Fish are milked once per year for their roe and then returned to the ponds to spawn again the following year.

6. Refusing to force feed fish, instead following feeding programs that reflect their natural growth patterns in the wild.

7. A long lasting relationship with The Environmental Protection Agency Victoria in maintaining regular testing of inflow and outflow levels of suspended solids etc to comply with Australian standards.

8. A vertically integrated business starting with in-house fertilisation of eggs ensuring strict traceability throughout the growth of the fish.

9. Comprehensive in-house staff training in best practice fish husbandry methods to ensure the health and well being of our animals is first and foremost.

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