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Hiramasa Kingfish

Frozen Belly Loins


  • All Loins are individually packaged
  • Raised in the icy, pristine waters of South Australia's Spencer Gulf
  • Fresh translucent flesh with a glossy, slightly oily sheen
  • Hiramasa Kingfish Ceviche recipe below
  • Shipped frozen from Los Angeles

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4 total reviews
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    on June 29, 2020
    Delicious Sashimi Grade!

    Amazing and incredibly fresh Kingfish- sashimi grade very high quality. Have made it in sushi as well as ceviche.

    33 votes  |  49%  |  51%
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    Ella Shtein

    on May 12, 2020

    This was super fresh and delicious. I just thawed in a water bath, removed the skin and covered it in ponzu, jalapeno and garlic crisps on a cold plate. Divine!

    62 votes  |  57%  |  43%
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    Dav M

    on May 4, 2020
    Excellent hiramasa!

    The hiramasa was excellent. Very fresh. Perfect for making sushi and sashimi. My whole family loved it! I just defrosted and it was perfect. I've also baked it "yellowtail collar" style, and it was fantastic. Am back to buy more now!

    76 votes  |  56%  |  44%
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    Larry W

    on April 29, 2020
    It’s Hamachi or yellowtail for us Americans

    Took a chance not knowing what it was. This is sashimi grade yellowtail. After I thaw it, I soak it in a lukewarm saltwater bath for 3 minutes to bring back the briny ocean flavor and remove any fishy flavors that may be there. Remove the skin for sushi/sashimi. I then sear it or serve it raw w the best ponzu or soy sauce I can buy. It is so fresh!

    79 votes  |  54%  |  46%
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Shipping & Delivery

​All orders are sent from Los Angeles via FedEx overnight, FedEx Ground, or local delivery. For all Shipping & Delivery information click here

Hiramasa Kingfish

​Yellowtail Kingfish are indigenous to the remote crystal waters of the Spencer Gulf. Stock is specially selected for its superior quality attributes and is bred from fish originally sourced only an hour or so from operations.

Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish’s latin name for the species is Seriola Lalandi. It is known around the world with other given names: Yellowtail Kingfish, Australian Kingfish, Ricciola del Pacifico, Magiatiko, Lechas, Charuteiro, Gelbschwanz Makrele, Liche.



  • Fresh translucent flesh with a glossy, slightly oily sheen
  • Firm, compact muscle structure
  • Bright, contrasting bloodline


  • Fresh, faint aroma of the sea


  • Firm, smooth texture that is both moist and creamy


  • Balanced and harmonious delicate taste
  • Natural oils released in every bite provide an interesting, pure, sweet taste with oyster undertones


  • A subtle, herbaceous and slightly briny lingering aftertaste
  • A hint of bitterness that provides a delightful pop at the end

Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish Ceviche

Hiramasa Kingfish Hiramasa Kingfish

This is an easy, quick and fresh ceviche recipe using frozen Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish. Best enjoyed raw, the Kingfish is delicately soft that has a subtle taste without a fishy or oily aftertaste. The citrus in the dressing allows the fish to naturally “cook”, as well as providing the kick of freshness.

Enjoy this tangy dish alongside tostada chips, tacos and your favorite cold beer.


  • 250ml (1 cup) orange juice
  • 110ml Ponzu sauce
  • 110ml lemon juice
  • 110ml lime juice
  • 145g honey
  • 25g ginger (sliced)
  • 1 teaspoon - chili flakes


  • 1 loin Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish – defrosted overnight
  • 1 avocado (diced)
  • 1 Persian cucumber (thinly sliced)
  • 1 red chili (thinly sliced)
  • 1 green onion top (thinly sliced)
  • Fresh cilantro


  1. Make the dressing by placing the orange juice, ginger and chili flakes in a saucepan. Bring to a boil, then turn down to a gentle simmer so that it can reduce by half.
  2. Once reduced, remove from the heat and strain through a fine strainer to remove chili flakes and ginger.
  3. Put to the side to completely cool down to room temperature, then mix in the ponzu, lemon juice, lime juice and honey.
  4. Begin to prepare the Kingfish. Using a sharp knife remove the skin from the loin. Starting at the tail end, angle the knife slightly downward as you carefully separate the flesh from the skin. Do this facing away from you to prevent cutting yourself.
  5. Once the skin is removed, thinly slice the fish across the loin to your desired thickness.
  6. Gently lay the fish on a plate and spoon the dressing over – enough to cover the fish for the ceviche process to take place.
  7. Arrange the avocado, cucumber, chili, green onion and cilantro on the plate next to the fish.
  8. Serve immediately.

Defrosting Guide

Follow these defrosting instructions to maintain optimum quality.

Do not refreeze after thawing

Step 1. Place frozen fillet still in pouch pack in the refrigerator at 0-4°C (32° - 39°F)

Step 2. Keep refrigerator overnight - for 12 to 16 hours

Step 3. When thawed simply remove fillet from the pouch and pat dry.

Step 4. Wrap in paper towel and store in airtight container under refrigerated conditions.

Step 5. Use within 3 days.

Cleanseas Story

Clean Seas is the global Aquaculture leader in full cycle breeding, production and sale of Hiramasa Yellowtail Kingfish. Sea farm operations is located in the Spencer Gulf, in a remote location off the Eyre Peninsula town of Port Lincoln in South Australia. Approximately 8 hours by road from Adelaide.

The waters of the Spencer Gulf are one of the cleanest and pristine bodies of water in Australia.

There is nothing between the icy waters of Antartica and the farm but the expanse of the Great Southern Ocean. It is believed that these cold waters are what condition & firm the texture of the flesh to make it one of the world’s best raw fish.

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