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King Island Roaring Forties

Blue Cheese Wheel


  • Approximately 2.5lb Wheel
  • Grand Champion Blue Cheese in the 2017 Australian Grand Dairy Awards
  • Gold Medal winner at the 2014 Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards
  • A product of King Island Tasmania, Australia
  • Shipped from Los Angeles
  • Handmade, full bodied blue cheese with tropical fruit aroma and hints of caramel
  • Paired perfectly with Pinot Noir and Dark Ales
  • Flat rate shipping for orders of any size within California $29.95 | Outside California $39.95
  • Free Delivery to majority of LA & OC areas - see shipping information below

What People Are Saying

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    Jonathan Steffany

    on May 29, 2020
    This cheese is incredible

    Have shared This reluctantly with friends as to how good it is . Do yourself a favor and pick it up great on salads and everything in between . Also good by itself .



    on May 15, 2020
    One of the best blue cheeses

    I've had a lot of blue cheeses and this is by far one of the best I've had. It's silky and smooth with a sweet, nutty flavour. Paired with a lovely red, a little bit goes a long way, although you'd might want to get more than one wheel as this doesn't last long once you've tried some and you'll find yourself craving it often. Highly Recommended!

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King Island Dairy's Story

King Island Roaring Forties

King Island Dairy’s award winning products are enjoyed by cheese lovers around Australia, and the world. Situated in the Bass Strait between Tasmania and Mainland Australia, King Island’s unique microclimate of mineral rich soils, cool annual temperatures, abundant rainfall and consistent salt spray results in incredibly lush pastures. It’s rare that Mother Nature creates an environment so perfect for honoring the art of cheese making.

Grazing on salty grass, the cows produce a sweet, unusually rich milk. Sourced from just a handful of local farms, the milk is delivered fresh to King Island Dairy daily so all cheeses can be made on Kind Island from 100% King Island milk.

King Island Dairy’s “Roaring Forties Blue” was awarded Grand Champion Blue Cheese in the 2017 Australian Grand Dairy Awards. Named after the infamous Roaring Forties gales that frequently whip around the Island at more than 100km per hour, this blue cheese is full flavored, with a sweet and slightly fruity character. Pair this award winning cheese with fresh pears or muscatel grapes, fig paste and pecan nuts, with wholemeal biscuits or a crusty baguette. This product is also a perfect addition to a crisp salad, creamy pasta dish or on top of a gourmet pizza.

Learn more about what makes King Island Dairy so exceptionally unique by clicking here

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