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Olsson’s Salt

Premium Australian Olsson's Salt


  • Made from the pristine sea waters of the Great Australian Bight
  • Olsson's Sea Salt Flakes are sweet and delicate
  • Red Gum Smoked Salt have been smoked for 72 hours over native Australian Red Gum
  • "Celtic-style" Marine Mineral Fine Grey Salt is full of many health benefits
  • Olsson's Salt is completely natural, chemical and preservative free
  • Shipped from Los Angeles
  • Winner of "Delicious Produce Awards" 2016
  • Refill canisters available
  • Free Delivery to majority of LA & OC areas - see shipping information below

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Shipping & Delivery

​All orders are sent from Los Angeles via FedEx overnight, FedEx Ground, or local delivery. For all Shipping & Delivery information click here

The Olsson's Salt Range

  • Smoked salt has been a favorite Scandinavian seasoning for centuries, dating back to the time of Vikings who infused sea salt with smoke from native wood fires. The Olsson family has continued this proud Nordic tradition by smoking their Australian sea salt flakes, from South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, over native river red gum (eucalyptus camaldulensis) for 72 hours in the traditional northern European style at Pialligo Estate Smokehouse, Canberra. The smoking results in a unique salt enhanced with the aromatic and complex characteristics of the Australian red gum wood. Made in collaboration with Ross Lusted. Available in 90g Jars & 90g Canisters. Sold separately.

  • Award-winning Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes are now available in this beautiful 250gm stoneware jar. Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes are soft, sweet and delicate. This product is made from the pristine sea waters of the Great Australian Bight, is completely natural, chemical and preservative free and retains an exceptional sea salt taste This will make an excellent addition to any kitchen bench, family table. Delicious Award Winner 2017 & 2018. Available in 250g Jars.

  • Olsson’s Marine Mineral Grey Salt is the first celtic-style” salt (they call it sel gris in France) produced in Australia. This salt actually tastes like the ocean. Contains high levels of natural marine minerals and trace elements like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iodine, etc which give it a more complex ocean flavor. Perfect for Paleo diets as it contains a natural bio-available balance of marine minerals and trace elements. Fine, dry texture makes it suitable for cooking, for pinch pots on the table and for bathing. Available in 250g Canisters.

  • Red Gum Smoked Salt
    Red Gum Smoked Salt
  • Sea Salt Flakes
    Sea Salt Flakes
  • Marine Mineral Fine Grey Salt
    Marine Mineral Fine Grey Salt

Why Choose Olsson's Salt

To find out more about premium Olsson’s Salt along with it’s amazing health benefits, click this link.

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