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Olsson’s Salt

Premium Australian Olsson's Salt


  • Made from the pristine sea waters of the Great Australian Bight
  • Olsson's Sea Salt Flakes are sweet and delicate
  • Red Gum Smoked Salt have been smoked for 72 hours over native Australian Red Gum
  • "Celtic-style" Marine Mineral Fine Grey Salt is full of many health benefits
  • Olsson's Salt is completely natural, chemical and preservative free
  • Winner of "Delicious Produce Awards" 2016
  • Refill canisters available
  • Shipped from Los Angeles

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The Olsson's Salt Range

  • Smoked salt has been around for centuries, and Olsson’s have brought it back to light with an Australian twist. Over native river red gum, Olsson’s sea salt flakes are smoked for 72 hours to create a truly unique flavor. Smokey, rich and earthy. Sprinkle the delicate smoked sea salt flakes over a Kerwee steak for a taste like no other. Available in 90g Jars & 90g Canisters. Sold separately.

    • Striking packaging, yet soft, sweet and delicate sea salt flakes. From unspoiled waters of the Great Australian Bight, Olsson’s brings you completely natural sea salt flakes. No chemicals, no preservatives. Just the taste of the Australian sea. Proudly display this on your kitchen bench or table, and let Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes take your cooking to new heights. Available in 250g jars.

    • Olsson’s Marine Mineral Grey Salt is the first “celtic style” salt to be created in Australia, and delivers the most complex ocean flavor. It is the perfect balance of natural marine minerals and trace elements like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and iodine to name a few. The fine, dry texture of the salt not only makes it the ideal choice for cooking, but also for bathing. Remarkable health benefits along with great taste. Available in 250g Canisters.

    • Red Gum Smoked Salt
      Red Gum Smoked Salt
    • Sea Salt Flakes
      Sea Salt Flakes
    • Marine Mineral Fine Grey Salt
      Marine Mineral Fine Grey Salt

    Why Choose Olsson's Salt

    To find out more about premium Olsson’s Salt along with it’s amazing health benefits, click this link.

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