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Pure Origins Honey

Australian Manuka & Raw Honey


  • High quality, premium and pure Australian honey
  • Manuka Honey has been used by Indigenous cultures as traditional medicine for many centuries for centuries
  • Pure Origins Raw Honey & Manuka Honey is 100% Pure Australian
  • Natural, raw, single region & cold extracted to retain all nutritional properties
  • Every batch of Pure Origins Manuka Honey is lab tested for MGO authenticity and rating
  • Manuka Honey is raw cold extracted
  • Free Delivery to majority of LA & OC areas - see shipping information below

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The Pure Origins Honey Range

  • Blossoms of Australian eucalypt trees, clover and ground flora gives Pure Origins Wild Raw Honey the sweet and mild flavor loved by many. Perfect for all honey uses.

  • Full flavored, aromatic honey with a bouquet of distinctive floral flavors. As the flowers change from season to season, so does the unique flavor of Pure Origins Organic Raw Wild Flower Honey.

  • Sensationally rich with a toffee and caramel-like aftertaste. Using native macadamia from Queensland, Australia, Pure Origins is able to produce Macadamia Honey with a taste like no other.

  • An Australian treasure and highly regarded around the world. Pure Origins Manuka Honey has many nutritional and immunity boosting benefits. Rich in flavor with a deep caramel color. The higher the MGO rating the greater the antibacterial properties.

  • Pure Origins Wild Raw Honey
    Pure Origins Wild Raw Honey
  • Pure Origins Raw Wild Flower Honey
    Pure Origins Raw Wild Flower Honey
  • Pure Origins Macadamia Honey
    Pure Origins Macadamia Honey
  • Pure Origins Manuka Honey
    Pure Origins Manuka Honey

The Power of Pure Origins Manuka Honey

Pure Origins Manuka Honey is our most treasured product simply because Australian Manuka honey is so cherished and highly prized around the world. Renowned for its antibacterial properties and nutritional benefits as it has increased levels of antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. While the magic of Manuka with its extensive health benefits is a relativity new phenomenon, the Indigenous people have been using Manuka as a traditional medicine for many centuries. Pure Origins Manuka is 100% Pure Australian, Natural, Raw, Single Region & Cold Extracted to retain all nutritional properties.

With these healing properties and aiding immunity, Manuka Honey may help with:

  • digestion
  • skin conditions
  • aging
  • immune system
  • gastric ulcers
  • influenza
  • and cold relief
  • Manuka honey may also be used topically as a skin treatment

Why is Manuka Honey Rated?

Pure Origins Manuka Honey is rated from 100+ MGO to 1000+ MGO.

This is because every batch of Pure Origins Manuka is lab tested for MGO (Methylglyoxal) authenticity and rating.

(MGO) Methylglyoxal naturally forms in the nectar of the flowers of the Manuka Bush (Leptospermum), ready for collection by the honey-bee. Methylglyoxal is transferred into the honey where it remains stable. Dietary Methylglyoxal found in Manuka Honey is resistant to heat, light, body fluids and enzymatic activity. Making Manuka honey superior to any other honey because of the strong antibacterial and antiviral activity due to the presence of Methylglyoxal.

The higher the MGO rating the greater the antibacterial properties.The higher the MGO rating the greater the antibacterial properties.

Why Pure Origins?

Pure Origins is 100% Australian family owned, with a long family heritage in the agriculture business.

To find out more about why Pure Origins is the perfect choice of honey click this link.

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