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Sovereign Lamb

Premium Australian Lamb

  • All natural prime lamb raised in the pristine Goldfields region of Victoria, Australia
  • Australian lamb is rich in naturally occurring nutrients and vitamins
  • Racks & Boneless Leg are tightly vacuumed sealed to preserve freshness and flavor
  • Hormone growth promotant free
  • Sovereign Lamb is Halal certified
  • Animal welfare conditions are audited daily in close partnership with the Australian Department of Agriculture
  • NAASA, MSA and HACCP approved
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Why Lamb?

There is a reason why Australian lamb has been finding its way onto the dinner plates of millions of people around the world. It is a real, traditional, wholesome and unprocessed food. It’s that simple.

Sovereign Lamb is not chemically altered or inject lamb with additional nutrients or vitamins - that’s because it doesn’t need to be.

Australian lamb is rich in naturally occurring nutrients and vitamins – so it’s not only delicious, but also good for you! Lamb is an excellent source of:

  • Protein for growth and development
  • Zinc an essential part of our immune system
  • Vitamin B12 which is great for the nervous system
  • Selenium - an antioxidant to support a healthy immune system
  • Niacin to aid in metabolism
  • Riboflavin + Iron to help carry oxygen to the muscles for energy, and is important for brain performance
Sovereign Lamb Sovereign Lamb

Sovereign Lamb's Story

Sovereign Lamb is all natural prime lamb raised in the pristine Goldfields regions of Victoria, Australia. Considered to be a “natural haven”, and once home to the Gold rush from 1835 - 1900, the area is now famous for it’s rich, fertile and productive land. It’s no wonder it is home to some of the finest lamb producing country in the world. Since the 1880’s, this region has produced Australia’s finest lambs, giving the area a rich history with solid bloodlines.

Australian Lamb company, along with a group of select profession prime lamb producers, supplies the Sovereign program. The lambs are carefully hand selected at each stage of the production chain to meet the strict quality specifications. The pure lamb genetics of Sovereign lamb and the natural feeding regime of lush pastures, clean water and air, give the lamb a tender texture and mild flavor that is unlike any other. This is gourmet lamb of the highest quality - every cut is outstanding, from the elegant rack fo lamb to the boneless leg roast.

Sovereign Lamb is processed to the highest global standards with BRC, ISO AND HACCP certifications. The processing facility maintains the highest sanitation standards and procedures. Sovereign Lamb is committed to preserving the land with sustainable farming practices to ensure longevity for future generations.

The Sovereign Advantage

Sovereign Lamb is all natural and sourced from high rainfall regions of Victoria, Australia. The Sovereign Advantage:

  • Direct production supply channels
  • Only hand selected lambs used from professional prime lamb producers
  • All Natural pasture fed lamb
  • Hormone growth promotant free
  • Sustainable farming & production systems adopted
  • Cuts – ideal for everyday use, special occasions and fine dining
  • Delicious and mild tasting
  • Finely trimmed
  • Table ready
  • State of the art packaging

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