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Live, Frozen Tails

  • Specialists in importing and distributing lobster from around the world
  • Large tanks are monitored daily to accommodate weekly orders
  • Brolos Lobster Tails from Western Australia
  • Southern Rocklobster
  • Californian Spiny Lobster
  • Scottish Blue Lobster

Live Lobsters

Terra Mare Prime are specialized in importing and distributing live lobsters from around the globe. Lobsters are ordered weekly for distribution, and stored onsite in lobster tanks. The tanks are monitored regularly to ensure lobsters are in peak condition.


From Western Australia, Brolos lobsters are caught wild and hand selected for quality and health. Brolos is now one of the largest rock lobster processors in the world with a delivering exceptional quality.


Sustainably harvested from the cool, clean waters of the Southern Ocean off Australia & New Zealand, Southern Rocklobster’s taste and texture is world class. Internationally regarded for its light, sweet and rich taste with firm flesh, Southern Rocklobster is highly versatile across many cuisines. The fisheries are controlled by strict quota management and follow the Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) guidelines to ensure longevity and sustainability of this species.


Californian Spiny Lobsters are caught from Monterey Bay area of California to the Gulf of Mexico (Baja). Spiny Lobsters have a firm texture, and are widely known for their creamy and slightly nutty flavor that is considered to be a delicacy.


Fished from the North West shores of Scotland and off the Brittany coast of France. These delicious crustaceans have a more delicate flesh than their American counterparts, affording them a more subtle taste. This special shellfish is prized at the finest restaurants in Europe and Spain.

Species Name Jasus edwardsii
Product Origin Australia and New Zealand
Catch Area South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia and New Zealand
Live Size Range: 0.5kg-4.5kg (1lb—10lb)
Inventory Sizes: 2–3.5kg (4.5lb–8lb)
Yield (Recovery) 42 - 55%
Season Year round – majority harvested between 1st November – 30th April
Catch Method Trap / Pot caught
Sustainability Clean Green Certification (Australia) – product certification

Californian Spiny Lobster

Species Name Panulirus interruptus
Catch Area California and Mexico (Baja)
Live Size Range: 1.5lb - 7lb
Inventory Sizes: 3 - 6lb
Harvest Technique Trap / Pot caught
Season 8th October to 15th March
Sustainability Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch List "GREEN LISTED"

European Blue Lobster

Species Name Homarus gammarus
Product Origin North-eastern Atlantic Ocean and most of the Mediterranean Sea
Catch Area Scotland and Ireland
Live Size 0.4kg - 3kg (0.88lb - 6.61lb)
Inventory Sizes: 1 - 2.5kg (2.2lb - 5.5lb)
Season Year round
Catch Method Trap / Pot caught
Sustainability Unknown

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Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish

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