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  • Tropic Co Shrimp
  • Tropic Co Shrimp

Tropic Co Shrimp

Australian Tiger Shrimp

  • Tropic Co Shrimp operate under The Tassal Group
  • Quality natural growing location (Edge of the World heritage listed Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia)
  • Sustainable growing practices (commenced BAP Certification)
  • Strict bio-security measures ensure the shrimp are disease free
  • Consistent product offer and complete traceability from egg to package
  • Tiger Shrimp species: Penaeus Monodon
  • Individually snapped frozen to preserve freshness, and can be separated for required serving size

Why Choose Tropic Co

Only the best shrimp are produced by the Tassal Group. Black Tiger Shrimp from Queensland Australia are not just known for their good looks. Vibrant in color with distinctive tiger stripes, these shrimp are superbly sweet and firm in texture. You’re getting more than great taste; you will also be benefiting from natural minerals and nutrients with each bite.

Tropic Co are pioneers in using state of the art farming techniques that work in harmony with the warm, tropical climate of Queensland. The shrimp are farmed in natural sea waters that are drawn from local rivers and inlets to recreate their natural habitat in the wild. The dynamic combination of nature and engineering means Tropic Co are able to produce unparalleled shrimp all year round.

With three expansive farms in Mission Beach, Proserpine and Yamba, supporting and growing these local communities is paramount for sustainability. Tropic Co strictly operate under The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) that addresses environmentally & social responsibility, animal welfare, food safety and traceability. Currently all shrimp farms are BAP certified.

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