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  • Cloudy Bay Clams
  • Cloudy Bay Clams

Cloudy Bay Clams

New Zealand's very unique and special surf clams

  • From New Zealand
  • Sustainable farming practices and managed by strict quota system
  • Wild harvested
  • Rich flavors and creamy textures
  • Exported blanched frozen and chilled
  • Available year round

Product Specifications

Product Origin New Zealand – Marlborough Sounds, at the top of the South Island, the fishery is based in the amazing area of Cloudy Bay Pack Size Live: 3 x 5kg (~33lb/15kg)
Blanched chilled: 12 x 1kg (~26.5lb)
Catch Area Wild harvested in the 3 – 10 metre surf zone Product Form Live
Season All year Catch Method Unique hydraulic winnowing clam rake system
Shelf Life LIVE: 5 days from receipt (storage temperate: 3 – 7 degrees Celsius/ 37.5 – 45 degrees Fahrenheit), this can be extended through wet storage.
BLANCH CHILLED: 28 days from the date of production
Sustainability Hydraulic winnowing clam rake system used with high pressure water to supersaturate the substrate, changing the specific gravity, causing the shellfish to float off the sea bottom. Clams not required (undersize) are returned back to the substrate undamaged. The fishery is managed by strict quota system.

Cloudy Bay Clam's Story

Cloudy Bay Clams

Cloudy Bay Clams are pioneers in the industry of harvesting surf clams along the coast of New Zealand. Harvested wild from the pristine coastal environment of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sound, the clams are known for their rich flavor and creamy texture. Four species of clams are available year round, each with their own unique qualities.

Native to New Zealand’s pristine coastal waters, surf clams thrive in the turbulent surf zone 10 metres under the sea bed that is rich in food. This environment guarantees shellfish to grow with a fully developed taste profile of outstanding quality, that is famous for unique yet versatile flavors. Cloudy Bay clams are exported blanched – both chilled and frozen – and live. This maximizes it’s flavor and preserves freshness. Well thought out and extensively developed harvesting techniques ensure Cloudy Bay surf clams reach the market in perfect condition, delivering a unique dining experience that is celebrated worldwide. The method of blanch chilling is to stabilize and maintain the integrity of the clam by blanching to slightly set the protein in the clam meat. Cloudy Bay Clams proudly carry ‘Friend of the Sea’ certification which confirms efforts and continual commitment to sustainability.


Species Name spisula aequilater
Sizes Large: 45mm, 5 - 12 pieces/lb / 12 - 15 pieces/kg
Small: <45mm, 12 23 pieces/lb / 25-50 pieces/kg
Meat to Shell Ratio 28 - 35%
Flavors Mild, sweet ocean flavor with a crisp texture
Cooking Applications Ideal for both raw and cooked preparations. The small size is suited to Mediterranean cuisine, where the larger size is perfect for raw, Asian and traditional European preparations


Species Name mactra murchisoni
Sizes Jumbo: 80mm+, 2-4 pieces/lb / 4-6 pieces/kg
X-Large: 70-80mm+, 4 – 6 pieces/lb / 7-12 pieces/kg
Large <70mm, 6-7 pieces/lb / 12-15 pieces/kg
Meat to Shell Ratio >30%
Flavors Unique, complex and interesting. Highly regarded for its intense deep flavor and soft texture
Cooking Applications Ideal for both raw and cooked preparations. The clam's smooth, deep-cupped shell makes it perfect for serving by the piece.


Species Name paphies donacina
Sizes Jumbo: 80mm+, 5 – 8 pieces/lb / 12 – 16 pieces/kg
Small: <80mm+, 8 – 14 pieces/lb / 16-30 pieces/kg
Meat to Shell Ratio 28 – 35%
Flavors Distinctive mild, sweet flavor and rich buttery / creamy texture
Cooking Applications Ideal for all-round applications, especially suited to full-flavored preparations. Highly regarded by the local New Zealand Maori people as a culinary delight


Species Name dosinia anus
Sizes Large: 50mm+, 5 – 9 pieces/lb / 12 – 19 pieces/kg
Small: <50mm+, 9 – 12 pieces/lb / 19 – 25 pieces/kg
Meat to Shell Ratio 20 – 25%
Flavors Intense, sweet ocean flavor, with high iodine notes and meaty characteristics
Cooking Applications Ideal for all raw and cooked preparations. Raw – on the half shell – remove the mantle and grill for best eating results

Available Items

Diamond Shell Large (45mm) and Small (<45mm)
Storm Shell Jumbo (80mm+)
X-Large (70-80mm)
Large (<70mm)
Tua Tua Jumbo (80mm+)
Small (<80mm)
Moon Shell Large (50mm+)
Small (<50mm)

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