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Far West Scallops

Australian Wild Caught Scallops

  • Wild caught Australian Scallops
  • Ylistrum balloti species
  • Slightly salty, sweet in taste, perfect for homes cooks
  • Wild caught from the clean waters of Shark Bay of the Abrolhos Islands & the South Coast of Western Australia
  • Far West Scallops are a family owned business
  • Sustainably fished scallops as judged by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
  • No chemicals or water added during processing
  • Shipped frozen from Los Angeles

Why Choose Far West

The best scallops in the world

Far West only harvests Ballot’s Saucer Scallop. Well known for its slightly salty and sweet flavor, firm texture and white color, Ballot’s Saucer Scallop is the best choice scallop for all types of cuisine.

Proven Quality you can trust

With a well-maintained fleet of boats and a modern processing factory, Far West has a well earned reputation for producing the finest quality scallops.

Trusted, reputable retailers

Far West Scallops are available through many trusted retailers across Australia, including Coles. All have strict quality control and are demanding of the highest quality local seafood.


The Far West fleet operates in some of the world’s most pristine waters, far from large population centres and other sources of pollution. We do not add water or chemicals during processing, so all you taste are the world’s most beautiful scallops.

Sustainably fished scallops

All fisheries in which Far West operate have been judged as sustainable by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

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