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  • Suzuki Farm Wagyu

Suzuki Farm Wagyu

Australian Fullblood Wagyu

  • BMS 9+/A5 equivalent
  • 100% Fullblood Australian Wagyu
  • Suzuki Farm follows authentic Japanese feeding program
  • Grain fed for 760 days to create a finish similar to Japanese wagyu
  • Feed consists of steam flaked barley, steamed rolled corn, soybean meal and wheat bran
  • Each carcass is graded using Meat Standard Australia (MSA) and MIJ Carcass assessment system
  • Available: Striploin (6 pieces / case)
  • Available: Ribeye (6 pieces / case)

Why Choose Suzuki Farm Wagyu


Suzuki Farm has complete control over its herd and uses in house genetics selection and breeder managements to meet their standard Wagyu beef quality. This includes marbling, flavors and tenderness. Suzuki Farm Wagyu is 100% Fullblood Wagyu only.


Suzuki Farm has approximately 900 acres of pristine farming land to produce high quality crops to source their feed. The manure is also composted and utilized as fertilizer to grow future crops to achieve sustainability of their own production system.

Feeding Program


The ration consists of steam flaked barley, steamed rolled corn, soybean meal and wheat bran. Suzuki Farm Wagyu has a very long feeding program - over 760 days - to maximize the potential of animal genetics to achieve the best and most consistent quality in Australian Wagyu producers.

The feeding system of Suzuki Farm Wagyu is unique, and follows truly authentic Japanese feeding programs; cattle are fed in the only Japanese style feedlot in Australia. The feedlot is fully undercover, and house up to 4 animals in each pan so they can receive intensive care their entire life.

The flavor of Suzuki Farm Wagyu is full of “Umami” flavors with hints of sweetness. The fat quality is very high, with a lower melting point - you can literally feel the fat melting in your mouth.

Process & Grading

Each carcass is graded using Meat Standard Australia (MSA) and MIJ Carcass assessment system. Grading systems are stored in their database to determine performance for future selection of genetics, and to improve day-to-day operations.

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